We Invest in Durable and Indispensable Businesses Across the Globe

Our flagship fund, the SaltLight SNN Worldwide Flexible Fund is a deeply-researched, highly-selective portfolio of incredible businesses.

Our proprietary investment process is solely orientated to the long-term. We are not focused on the next quarter, the next year or even the next two years.

We find there is minimal competition in thinking about long-term investment opportunities and where industries are going to be in five or ten years ahead in the future.

Our portfolio is skewed towards technology opportunities across the globe. We think the world is undergoing a generational shift in digital adoption that will manifest in trillions of Dollars of future opportunity.

Our philosophy

Business has a very high calling in creating value for society. Great companies are the engines for impacting customers, communities and investors. Those that do well in this – earn attractive and sustainable returns over time.

Thoughts for any prospective investor

Our fund is not for everyone. We typically target opportunities where the situation is complex or the long term durable growth is under-appreciated. This perception gap between complexity or longevity leads to very different perspectives between market participants and our view. The result is that we expect bouts of significant volatility along the journey of wealth creation until this gap closes. 

We do not manage our fund with traditional benchmarks in mind but curate our portfolio to grow our investor capital meaningfully above inflation over time. 

We encourage any prospective investor to read our investor letters to obtain a deeper understanding of how we think about our portfolio construction, investee companies and favoured industries.

Long-term investing does indeed take courage. We are building SaltLight with multiple decades in mind. Building a reputation is akin to war won by gaining inches daily. In decades to come, we hope that SaltLight will be known for trustworthiness, open communication and a stewardship mindset. 

Picking an investment manager to oversee your capital is extremely difficult. It is a long-term partnership between you and that manager. The results of that partnership are only evident many years after making that difficult decision.

The best signal that we can hope to offer is our philosophy of treating your capital as our own (we do have most of our liquid wealth invested alongside yours) and that we get up every day to create value for our investors. 

Should a prospective investor identify with this philosophy, we would love you to join us on this journey.