Our Firm

Our Focus

SaltLight focuses on long-term opportunities in public markets.

We seek to invest in portfolio companies that have:

  1. potential for high returns on capital
  2. management with integrity
  3. the ability to appropriately reinvest capital into further opportunities and, lastly,
  4. a discount to intrinsic value.

Our portfolio is skewed towards entrepreneurial founders that have a demonstrable track record of tackling the challenges of constant change.

Solving Customer Needs

Our investment thesis usually rests on the management team’s ability to solve their customer’s needs; allocating shareholder capital to opportunities that will yield long-term benefits over years, not quarters.

Our Research Process

  • We are a research-based firm that demurs from utilising sell-side research.
  • Our fund size allows us to take advantage of regularly occurring market inefficiencies that exist in asset pricing.
  • Diligent work and a thorough investment process allow us to have a deep conviction when other market participants have shorter-term perspectives.
  • The pace of portfolio turnover may appear to outsiders that our style is rather ‘passive’ and ‘unexciting’.
  • We try to be humble and honest about what we don’t know.
  • We also tend to spend time in pockets of industry knowledge that many would say are unnecessary to understanding a particular company. As a result, we only manage to execute on one or two investment ideas a year.
  • Despite bouts of negative quotation losses from a particular investment, we tend to hold onto portfolio investments beyond what many would bare – unless our investment thesis is no longer applicable.

Investment Partner Base

Our strongest ‘edge’ is our investment partner base that matches our long-term orientated nature; without whom, we would not have an ability to take advantage of the ‘investment horizon gap’ that our peers have.