SaltLight FR Worldwide Flexible Fund

South Africa and the World

The SaltLight FR Worldwide Flexible Fund invests domestically and across the globe wherever the best opportunities are.

Our primary objective is to build long-term wealth with two foundational pillars of portfolio construction:

Portfolio companies should have inherent ‘resilience’ in their business models

Optionality is value that we don’t pay for

Under-appreciated ‘optionality’ that will deliver shareholder value over the long-term.

Endless Investment Opportunities

We believe that there is always an opportunity somewhere in the world. We have designed this fund with structural flexibility in mind and have the immediate capability to deploy 100% of our capital into global or SA markets and in a wide range of asset classes.

To Achieve Different Results, One Needs to Act and Think Differently.

We have constructed the portfolio with long-term business ownership in mind and caution our investors that they should be prepared to invest for the long term.

Plainly speaking, our investment performance may, in the short term, differ from our peers and market indices as our portfolio is constructed from the ground up using our proprietary investment process.

Our conversations with portfolio companies start with the fact that we’re sticking around for the long term. Oftentimes, we’re drawn to these businesses because their managers are fanatical about creating stakeholder value over the long-term, frequently taking short term sacrifices to build something that will generate incredible value for shareholders over five or ten years.

Our approach is to break the cycle of ‘financial short-termism’ that has become prevalent in recent times. We aim to conduct our investment activities in the same way that we’d like our managers to think and act; we give our entrepreneurial managers time and space to build, experiment and develop an opportunity into its full potential.

We are Entrepreneurs Who Happen to Invest

We understand what it takes to build a durable business. Things don’t always go to plan. New ideas, uncertainty and taking calculated risks are the essential ingredients to creating something truly transcendent and – sometimes – resultant failure is a necessary bump on the trail to innovation.

The Tenets of Our Investment Process

  • We relentlessly focus on the long-term
  • We’re patient, disciplined and desire to be intellectually honest about what we do and don’t know
  • We concentrate our capital on the best ideas
  • We focus on the downside to avoid permanent capital loss
  • We don’t trade frequently and keep our costs low to maximise value creation for our investors.


Our interests are aligned with our investors. The majority of our liquid personal wealth sits right alongside our investors in this fund. Whatever investment success and inevitable bumps along on this journey, we share them side by side.

Key Terms

Mandate: Worldwide Flexible Multi-Asset Class Fund
Benchmark: CPI + 5% over three years
Fees: See factsheets for more information

Where to Invest

Our public unit trust is available on

  • Direct investment by accessing these forms Fund Documents
  • Popular LISP platforms

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