Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

We believe business has a very high calling in creating value for society. At SaltLight Capital, we believe that great companies are the engines for impacting customers, communities and investors. Those that do well in this – earn attractive and sustainable returns over time.

We look only to the long-term – evaluating businesses as if we are going to own them forever. Our process is not focused on the next quarter, the next year or even the next two years. We like value but with the overlay of quality. We pay for ‘growth ‘ only at a reasonable price.

We are deeply proud of our unique investor base that partners with us for the long-term.

We look for great businesses, run by honest and competent managers, that work to add value over the long-term.

What we focus on:

  1. Management
  2. Competitive landscape/threats
  3. Ongoing capital needs and capital cycle
  4. Durability of the competitive advantages and resilience
  5. Management’s allocation of capital
  6. Responsibility: impact to environment, social and governance factors


David Eborall – December 2015