We Invest in Durable and Indispensable Businesses Across the Globe

Our flagship fund, the SaltLight FR Worldwide Flexible Fund is a deeply-researched, highly-selective portfolio of incredible businesses with a single thesis: we think the world is undergoing a generational shift in digital adoption that will manifest in trillions of Dollars of future opportunity.

Our investment process is solely orientated to the long-term where we find that there is minimal competition in thinking about the world seven to ten years from now. We are not focused on the next quarter, the next year or even the next two years.

Thoughts for any prospective investor

Our fund is not for everyone.

We typically target opportunities where the opportunity is misunderstood; durable growth is under-appreciated or the technical understanding is too difficult for generalist investors. This perception gap leads to very different perspectives between market participants and us.

We do not manage our fund with traditional benchmarks in mind but curate our portfolio to grow our capital meaningfully above inflation over time. 

We encourage any prospective investor to read our investor letters to obtain a deeper understanding of how we think about our portfolio construction, portfolio companies and favoured industries.